Privia Resume Manager

Bid your best people quickly

When it comes to proposals, your people are your biggest selling point; they are the measure of your success and the mark of your value. They validate your quality work and they guide evaluator decisions.

Then why is developing proposal-specific resumes such a time-consuming headache? Save time and put your best people forward quickly and easily every time with Privia Resume Manager.


  • Centralize and standardize enterprise-wide.
  • Automate updates to ensure accuracy.
  • Eliminate tedious, manual formatting.
  • Facilitate faster reviews with accurate resumes.

With Privia Resume Manager, teams easily identify and quickly deliver accurate, formatted, proposal-specific resumes with a few clicks – while effortlessly keeping pace with updates to avoid errors and aging information.


Organize & Centralize

No more duplicate and manual data entry. Import resumes with out-of-the-box integration. Identify aging information and automate owner updates.

Search & Reuse

Quickly target the compliant and compelling resumes you need to win. Search by full text and Boolean, plus metadata and keywords you define.


Format & Download

Eliminate tedious, manual formatting of each resume. Create opportunity-specific, formatted and editable resumes with the click of a button. Download or automatically import into your Privia proposal workspace. 

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