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People: The Core of Any Business

What do you do when you need a specific talent for a proposal effort, but your team’s resumes aren’t organized in one central repository? You need Privia Resume Manager, a product specifically designed to organize your team’s resume information and keep the data accurate and current.

The prospect of combing through everyone’s work history, certifications, and clearance levels seems daunting if you have to perform the task manually.

Match Your Resources to Your Opportunities

It can be impossible when resumes are outdated or key sections are missing. Privia’s Resume Manager solution makes it easy to match staffing resources to opportunity requirements so you can always identify the best available resources. Resume Manager helps organizations to keep resumes current, find the right candidates, enable cross-departmental visibility, make better resources allocation decisions, and win more business. It’s an affordable on-demand service – there is no software to install or hardware to maintain!



With the Privia Resume Management System you can:

  • Organize all resumes into one central repository
  • Set resumes to auto-expire and alert individuals when relevant sections need to be updated
  • Manage security settings to prevent unauthorized access to resumes
  • Configure workflows to enable time or event-based resume updates
  • Build a custom taxonomy
  • Create templates for resume standardization, with an auto-formatting function to meet proposal requirements
  • Upload resumes by email attachment, fax, scan, web form, or file transfer
  • Quickly search for and retrieve information using full-text, Boolean, metadata, and keywords


Advantages of the Privia Resume Manager include:

  • Better bid/no-bid decisions thanks to accurate & current resume information
  • Information is captured with an intuitive and simple forms-based approach
  • Precise skills-matching and cross-departmental visibility ensures all personnel resources are being utilized
  • Consistent, quality resumes can be captured for immediate availability
  • Auto-expiration alerts ensure periodic updates, thereby reducing audit risk
  • Standardized formatting makes it easier to search for specific information relevant to any opportunity

The uses for Resume Manager are nearly infinite. It provides a quick way to find the resumes you need based on opportunity-specific criteria, like security clearance level, past experience, certifications, skill level, and months or years of experience. Resumes can be converted from diverse formats into a standardized format, and there is a one-click transfer process to the Privia capture and proposal management solution.

In addition to the Privia Enterprise or Small Business Product, Privia Resume Manager can help your team better manage resources, time, money, and people. Please contact us for more information on features and pricing.

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