Privia is now part of Xait

Privia has been acquired by Xait, a global company providing document
co-authoring, collaboration, and intelligent pricing.

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Xait + Privia Customers Manage Large, Complex Proposals

Co-authoring and complete content and process control makes it easier and faster to build high-quality, stand-out proposals. See Who is Winning
Industry: Defense

“Able to focus on the quality of the proposal, not the coordination.”

Industry: Health

"Increase proposal throughput without increasing staff."

Industry: Public Sector

"Enormous flexibility in role assignments, role level security, internal and external user accessibility."

Industry: Federal

"The stress level in writing proposals was exponentially better once we implemented!"

Industry: Federal

"I can't imagine performing my job without it."

The X-Factor for Winning Proposals

Complete all-in-one team co-authoring and document automation for collaborating, creating, managing and producing high-quality, stand-out proposals.

Time-Saving Proposal Management Control & Visibility

Time-Saving Proposal Management Control & Visibility

Make it easier, and faster, for your contributors to work together while maintaining the content and process control you need to shepherd your team to the deadline.

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Quality-driving, Collaborative Co-Authoring

Quality-driving, Collaborative Co-Authoring

Write together real-time in a single document without version control worries. When everyone can see where their piece of the proposal puzzle fits, writing is more productive.

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Faster, More Productive Reviews & Results

Faster, More Productive Reviews & Results

Stage process-driven or ad-hoc reviews that balance time and results - the results your team needs to confirm compliance and advance quality without sacrificing the schedule.

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Your Best Proposal, Faster Than the Competition

Don't let locked files, inadequate permissions, conflicting schedules and poor visibility complicate your process and put your next great proposal win at risk.

Eliminate Locked Files

Everyone accesses a single proposal document - no locked files and no check in/check out required. Instead of waiting, your team co-authors, and reviews, together, in parallel, at the same time.

Abolish Permission Concerns

Grant granular, role-based team and partner proposal section writing and reviewing permissions. Instead of working in a silo, teams can see what everyone is working on real-time while ISO 27001 certification protects your data.

Ignore Conflicting Schedules

Everyone accesses the proposal when it's convenient for them - leaving more time to think, write, review and elevate quality. Teams can even run reviews in parallel with writing.

Skip Progress Confusion

Proposal managers maintain complete control over the content and the process with a real-time dashboard on tasks, assignments, deadlines, comments, and progress status.

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Real-World Expertise

We are business developers, proposal managers and technologists and we share the vision and values of our client community. Joining forces with a company as passionate about proposal management as we are is what takes us on the next leg of our journey together, from Privia to Xait. Join us!

Xait + Privia = Lessons Learned

Explore lessons learned, insights, and best practices - all aimed at helping you and your team save time and win.