Proposal Management Software for Your Enterprise

How well you manage and empower your geographically diverse team’s collaboration, despite their shifting priorities, will determine your success.

What Makes Proposal Management Software Unique?

Our Customers Manage Complex Proposals

Leading government contractors leverage Privia to manage and build high-quality, stand-out proposals. Who is Winning with Privia
Industry: Defense

“For senior management, we were able to focus on the quality of the proposal, not the coordination.”

Industry: Health

"Privia solved version control problems, provided the opportunity for remote collaboration, and enabled multiple reviewers to comment on documents at the same time."

Industry: Public Sector

"Gives the manager enormous flexibility in role assignments, role level security, internal and external user accessibility, automation and standardization of repeatable procedures."

Industry: Federal

"The stress level in writing proposals was exponentially better once we implemented Privia!"

Industry: Federal

"You won't want to use anything else once you have tried Privia. I can't imagine performing my job without it."

Industry: Privia Eliminates the Software Download

What's new? We've eliminated the software installation. Teams access their work and collaborate using a browser - easing access, deployment and maintenance.

“Complete Capture and Proposal Lifecycle Management”

When the RFP drops, the realities of shifting priorities and competing deadlines can easily trigger the chaos that derails proposal efforts. Get the upper hand with proposal management software designed specifically for leading your team through the written portion of the sales cycle.

Save Time Managing and Monitoring the Team

Save Time Managing and Monitoring the Team

Import opportunities. Centralize tasks and deadlines. Share calendar events. Automate version control. Minimize chaos.

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Save Time Automating the Workflow

Save Time Automating the Workflow

Leverage templates. Standardize process. Automate notifications. Synchronize your team.

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Save Time Empowering the Team

Save Time Empowering the Team

Leverage content. Come to consensus. Prioritize feedback. Save time to focus on the quality that improves your win probability.

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"All in one location. Priceless."

Getting a proposal across the finish line requires a process; software built specifically for capture and proposal management propels that process, and your proposal, forward. Full speed ahead.

Skip the Data Entry

Import opportunities, dynamically share with your CRM, and report on progress so everyone is on the same page from prospect and bid to win.

Skip the Set-up

Use templates and workflow to quickly deploy a team workspace and standardize your process, all with the click of a button.

Skip the Reminders

Know who is publishing documents and who is finished reviewing and head-off bottlenecks before they become delays.

Skip the Review Confusion

Review and come to consensus together synchronously or asynchronously. Prioritize and save more time for quality revisions.

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Real-World Expertise

We are business developers, proposal managers and technologists and we want you to win. Our flexible implementation methodology leverages a best practice approach that delivers a successful community launch for agile, long-term success.

Privia's Knowledge Base

Explore lessons learned, insights, and best practices - all aimed at helping you and your team save time and win.