Proposal Services

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Whether you’re scaling down your operations or scaling up your business development, you are facing a common challenge – you have proposals to write and there just never seems to be enough time. 

Don’t risk your success by diverting your expert resources to proposal support. Let the experts at Privia handle that and get your experts back to business.

"I am proud of our alliance and gratified every time I see the "force multiplying" results that Privia provides to our clients."

- Torian W.
President, Astrella Corporation

Administrative Services

We can administer Privia for you, to let your team focus on what it takes to get the win. We can create workspaces, launch workflows, add/delete users, and grant user permissions to help clients concentrate on pursuing, winning, and implementing new business.

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Consulting Services

Privia can help you better leverage your investment, ease the challenge of resource allocation and reduce the stress of overburdened resources. Whether you’re looking to free up resources or augment your team to pursue more opportunities, Privia’s Professional Consulting Services provide the insight, expertise and tools you need to maximize your wins.

Proposal Support

From management, writing and research to production and end-to-end staffing, Privia experts augment your team to address more opportunities.

  • Increase win rates
  • Improve resource projection and budget management efficiency
  • Onboard effective, best practice processes

Product Training

From deployment to administration, and maintenance, Privia experts help you take full advantage of technology.

  • Solutions to application related questions, training, maintenance, updates and issues
  • Best practice functionality, from automated workflow replication and alerts to pipeline management and reporting

Proposal Training

Customized training combines client-specific procedures with industry best practices to increase your team’s capacity to deliver more winning bids.

  • Standardizing a common understanding of processes
    Bringing consistency to proposal development and delivery
  • Enhancing skills and knowledge and contribution potential
  • Reduce stress and improve win rates

Business Support

Document and analyze business practices to better leverage technology to track leads, manage proposals and improve collaboration.

  • Efficient use of business development funds
  • Better match opportunities to capabilities
  • Increase probability of down-select and contract award
    Improve pipeline for corporate growth

You're time is valuable. Your resources are limited. Make the most of them with Privia.

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