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Privia’s team of proposal managers, volume leads, technical writers and editors, and production leads can join your next proposal effort in any stage of the process. Our consultants have several years of proposal experience and are ready to help your organization win. Our professional services offering combines the best technology and people to boost your win rate and maximize your team’s potential.

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Proposal Management & Support

We offer proposal management, writing, research, and production resources for your team, plus end-to-end staffing solutions to allow you to address more opportunities. From cover letter and executive summary to project scope and cost summary, plus every section between, our consultants can augment your proposal team at every step of the process. Customers using our proposal management and support services gain:

  • Increased win rates
  • Improved budget management via better use of resources
  • Efficient, effective, and disciplined processes
  • Proven and established tools and techniques
  • An agile proposal management approach


Product Training

We provide training on all aspects of Privia to all types of users within your organization. Because Privia is designed specifically for the proposal industry, our Jump Start training is tailored to proposal management teams. Our training helps proposal professionals take full advantage of their technology investments so that they can focus on what they do best: pursuing new business. Our professional services product training includes:

  • Access to expert Privia trainers
  • Solutions for application related questions, training, maintenance, updates, and issues
  • Knowledge to take advantage of all functionality, such as workflow replication, automated alerts, pipeline management, and reporting

Proposal Training

Our customized training combines client-specific methods, protocols, and procedures with industry best practices. Our SWOT analysis determines what strengths, weaknesses, and areas can be improved. Together, we create training that helps teams grow professionally and construct successful, repeatable processes. Professional services proposal training provides:

  • A common understanding of proposal best practices to increase your team’s capacity to create winning proposals
  • Consistency across your team’s proposal response process
  • Professional development to enhance everyone’s skills, knowledge, and ability to contribute
  • Improved win rates

Business Support

We work with clients to document their business practices and analyze how they can better use technology to track leads, manage capture and proposal activities, and improve communication across the organization. Business support services deliver:

  • Efficient use of business development funds to pursue opportunities that best fit your organization
  • Increased probability of contract award by matching business opportunities to client capabilities
  • A better pipeline for corporate growth
  • Assistance to formulate pricing that, when inserted into the government’s source selection process, will result in a winning bid or high enough rank to be down selected

Administrative Services

We can administer Privia for you, to let your team focus on what it takes to get the win. We can create workspaces, launch workflows, add/delete users, and grant user permissions to help clients concentrate on pursuing, winning, and implementing new business.

  • Removes the burden of allocating internal resources for Privia administration
  • Reduces time spent training administrators, which means more time to focus on business
  • Delivers better product usage thanks to expert administrators
  • Provides a point of contact to answer questions about usage, training, maintenance, and potential issues
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