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Proposal Management: Auto-Build vs Collaboration

Crafting proposals involves a lot of time and resources to ensure proposals are delivered on-time and contain all the necessary information. This guide will go over the pros and cons of Auto-Build and demonstrate how taking a collaborative, connected approach to proposal management can improve your proposal quality while saving time and reducing costs.

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The Best Blogs of 2018

Our Best Blogs of 2018 will inspire the small changes you’ll need to improve your process and succeed in the year ahead. While each Blog highlights a specific pain in the proposal process and how to solve it, the underlying theme is clear – empower your team with proven methods and tools to watch your productivity, and your win rate, soar. 

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The Evolution of Content Management

This comparative guide will walk you through a history of content management, and how it has changed over the last 30 years. Learn how modern content management software coupled with simultaneous commenting can enable proposal teams to work together, and increase visibility and autonomy. 

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The Ultimate Proposal Management Checklist

There are always pieces to keep in flight and people to connect with. So, how do you make sure everything is accounted for to win the bid? Download our new guide "The Ultimate Proposal Management Checklist" to make sure you have everything you need to effectively manage the proposal process.

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Whitepaper: The Power Duo That Breaks Your Team Away From the Proposal Management Status Quo

Learn about how combining the power of consulting with the power of software will help your team get your RFP and proposal process on track to maximize efficiency. 

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Whitepaper: Proposal Management Power Dynamic

Empower your team to break away from the proposal management status quo – it's time to say goodbye to old habits. 

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Whitepaper: Beyond SharePoint

The pros and cons of SharePoint and strategies that Privia advocates for better collaboration across your organization’s capture and proposal management teams.

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Privia Software Datasheet 

Privia is the industry-leading solution for bid, capture and proposal management, providing leading organizations with integrated document management, best practice workflows and productivity tools in a common workspace.

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Privia Professional Services

Our Professional Services offering combines the best in bid, capture and proposal technology – the Privia solution – with the best resources – our proposal experts – to enhance your win rate and maximize your team’s potential.

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Privia Resume Manager

Finding, qualifying, and formatting resumes has never been easier. Put your best people forward every time, every proposal.

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