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When people collaborate, work flows

At Privia, we believe capture and proposal management should be part of an integrated business strategy, not just a time-consuming coordinating and writing exercise. The more efficient your proposal process, the more time you have to focus on quality to increase your win rates.


“Privia is built for proposal management. The features and functionality of the tool lend themselves to collaborative, iterative document review cycles."

- Angela Snyder, Proposal Manager, TASC

By combining an integrated suite of configurable capture and proposal management tools with best practice process workflow, simultaneous reviewing and commenting and in-depth reporting. Privia saves time, reduces cost and helps teams improve proposal quality.

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Save time, Win More

Choose between Privia Enterprise, for large, geographically diverse teams, or Privia Small Business, for smaller more agile teams. Then add Privia Professional Services to ensure your environment and team are operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Opportunity Import

No more duplicate or manual data entry. Import opportunity and account information with out-of-the-box integration and jump start your proposal effort today.

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Quickly establish proposal-specific workspaces for managing work and content, including tasks, writing, reviewing and simultaneous commenting, version control and security.

Anytime. Anywhere.


Keep your team on track with less effort; let tailorable Shipley-based best practice workflows and triggered alerts and notifications do the job.

Real-time status. No IT required.

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In the eyes of prospective clients, your people are your biggest selling point; they are the measure of your success and the mark of your value. Add Privia’s integrated Resume Manager solution to easily manage and quickly find, qualify, and format resumes.



No more waiting, no more conflicting comments. Review and comment simultaneously, see each other’s comments and build off different perspectives and track comments.

No review folders needed.  


Track opportunities, risks and accountability. Analyze performance and improve. Out-of-the-box and configurable reporting and dashboards for in-depth business intelligence.

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Secure date with multi-tier security designed specifically for collaborative proposal development. Highly configurable permissions and access controls keeps data safe without locking out partners and subcontractors.

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Privia is available on-premise, in the Cloud or the Government Cloud to deliver maximum flexibility, including customers choosing to deploy within a SCIF or other classified and sensitive environments.

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Win Repeat

Win & Repeat

Don't start that next proposal from scratch. Reuse effective workspaces, including workflow, security and access, and jump start your next proposal more quickly.

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