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People: The Core of Any Business

Your people are the measure of your business success and the mark of your value as a solution provider. Yet targeting the ideal candidate and preparing a winning proposal resume, or the score of them typically required, from across the organization is a time-consuming, resource intensive and often frustrating process. 

Think again. Fast, efficient enterprise-wide resume management has never been easier. With Privia Resume Manager (RM), teams identify the best candidate, target the compliant experience, and leverage accurate details to deliver winning proposal resumes quickly and easily every day.

Use Privia capture and proposal management? Pull your resumes into your workspace with the touch of a button.

How does Privia Resume Manager do that?

In the eyes of prospective clients, your people are your biggest selling point; they direct project success, they shape client experiences and they guide evaluator decisions. Don't waste time searching and formatting - put your best people forward with Privia Resume Manager and winning proposal resumes every time.

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