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Proposal Management: Auto-Build vs Collaboration

Crafting proposals involves a lot of time and resources to ensure proposals are delivered on-time and contain all the necessary information.

Some of these challenges can be addressed and streamlined through Auto-Build, which can help users quickly create canned proposals using a knowledge base and templates. While Auto-Build can shave down the time and resources that go into a proposal, it's not perfect and generic content does not necessarily provide the value buyers are looking for.

At Privia, we believe winning proposals require process management, content management, and team collaboration.

This guide will go over the pros and cons of Auto-Build and demonstrate how taking a collaborative, connected approach to proposal management can improve your proposal quality while saving time and reducing costs.

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“Before, we were spending huge amounts of money on travel to get people together in a single room. With Privia, we’ve moved that kind of work online, saving money on virtually every proposal we create.”

— Sarah McLain, Proposal Coordinator, SRC