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As businesses continue to leverage technology to achieve their capture and proposal management goals, users expect more than a feature-rich product; they demand a user experience that improves efficiency. 

Welcome to Privia 5.13 and a time-saving user experience that continues our mission to improve capture and proposal management efficiency. Because the more efficient you are, the more time you have to focus on what’s important – the proposal quality that sets you apart from the competition. And that means winning more new business. Here' how:

Explore Privia 5.13

Each new Privia release begins with a common, user-centric vision; improve efficiency for the people responsible for capture and proposal development, management and oversight and improve usability for each task they are responsible for. No matter what proposal role you play or what task you are assigned, Privia 5.13 delivers an enhanced user experience that helps you get back to the task of winning new business.

Explore Privia 5.13 and how it improves your user experience by role and by task - click the image to download and share!    

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We understand, you’re busy. You’ve got proposals to write and new business to win. And sometimes it’s easier to stay with the status quo rather than introduce change. It’s human nature.

At Privia, we are mindful of this with each new release we develop for you. Because we know that change for change sake is no fun. It’s only when presented with changes that improve the business, make things easier, faster, cheaper, that people and teams come together and move forward.

So, be cautious, explore Privia 5.13, see the benefits to your organization, and give us a call. Together, we can continue to innovate capture and proposal management time savings, cost savings and quality excellence. 

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