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Each new Privia release begins with a common, user-centric vision; improve efficiency and usability for teams tasked with capture and proposal management. Based on customer feedback and industry innovations, Privia Web delivers browser access and a revolutionary new review team feedback loop designed for on-the-go and virtual teams, as well as other efficiency-driving enhancements crowd-sourced by the user community.

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Skip the Software Install

With Privia Web, proposal contributors access their work and work with their teams using a browser  - no client software installation is required.*

Proposal contributors, such as writers, subject matter experts, reviewers, and partners, view, edit, and collaborate on documents and graphics together, anytime, anywhere.

By eliminating the client software download for contributors, Privia Web eases contributor access, deployment, and maintenance.

New Review Team Feedback Loop

Privia is known in the government contractor community for its unique curated commenting tool because it allows teams to review, comment, and come to consensus on proposal reviews anytime, anywhere, without impacting the proposal content. 

With Privia Web, teams can now collaborate and come to consensus from their browser - no client software installation required.

Introducing Web Commenting: the collaboration features users know and love, such as synchronous and asynchronous reviews,  plus new features aimed at on-the-go and virtual teams.

  • Toggle between file versions during reviews for greater  feedback clarity.
  • Color-code reviewers or reviewer comments to improve collaboration and editing visibility.
  • Sort and filter review comments, and replies, for a more granular look at reviewer-to-reviewer discussion and overall feedback.
  • Scroll Assist and location "pins" for navigating long review documents.
  • Invite reviewers and subject matter experts to join you on-the-fly for a review question.
  • Coming Soon! Web Commenting for mobile! 

Enhance Efficiency

Privia Web also delivers a number of usability improvements designed to drive efficiency.

For example, Privia Web includes enhancements to the Import Toolbar, for importing opportunities from and Deltek GovWin IQ.

In addition, the number of file publishing "clicks" has been reduced, drag and drop for multiple files has been enhanced, and efficiency for file downloads greater than 1.5 gigabytes has been increased. 

*While Privia Administrators and Import Toolbar users will continue to leverage Privia Platform to administer the system, create and maintain workflow, and import opportunities, Privia Web eliminates the client software download for contributors, easing deployment. 

Ease of Upgrade

We understand, you’re busy. You’ve got proposals to write and new business to win. And sometimes it’s easier to stay with the status quo rather than introduce change. It’s human nature. At Privia, we are mindful of this with each new release we develop for you. Because we know that change for change sake is no fun. It’s only when presented with changes that improve the business, make things easier and faster, that people and teams come together and move forward. So, be cautious, explore Privia Web, see the benefits to your organization, and give us a call. Together, we can continue to innovate capture and proposal management time savings, cost savings and quality excellence.

Why Upgrade?

  • Ease contributor access, deployment and maintenance.
  • Improve access for on-the-go and virtual teammates and partners.
  • Improve review team visibility, clarity, and feedback.
  • Import from
  • Position for Web Commenting for mobile device deployment.


  • Schedule now for upgrades beginning after June 1, 2020.
  • Upgrades take about 2 hours.

  • Upgrade services are free for clients when conducted during Privia's standard business hours.


  • Schedule now to begin planning and coordinating your upgrade to begin on or around November 1, 2020.

Not ready to upgrade yet? Let us know you're thinking about upgrading in the future so we can do everything in our power to balance requests and timelines and be there for you and your team when you are ready.

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