Review Team Meetings that Drive Strategy Not Setbacks


Proposal review team meetings have very specific goals; confirm the structure, confirm the win themes and ensure the approach supports the strategy. So why do review team meetings often feel like one step forward, two steps back? Discover how centralizing strategy, improving content access and real-time, simultaneous commenting can help your team avoid setbacks, focus on strategy and move your proposal effort forward.  


Review Team Meetings, Strategy Not Setback

Change Management Best Practices for Proposal Success


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Whether you’re tweaking your proposal process or adjusting a proposal schedule, considering your audience first will dramatically improve your chances for success. Leverage your proposal smarts and these best practices for a team excited for change and success. 


Change Management Best Practices

New Year's Resolution: Reduce Proposal Costs

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Learn how Privia’s unique solution uses best practice integration, automation, collaboration, and reporting to streamline the proposal process and reduce costs so your team can bid more and win more.


Reduce Proposal Costs

Integrating Salesforce with Privia


In this webinar, Jamie Hampson, Director Professional Services, walks you through setting up the integration of Salesforce with Privia. Learn how to install, configure, map accounts and opportunities and synch one-directional and bi-directional data. The updated integration is available in Privia version 5.12. 


Integrating Salesforce with Privia

Privia Graphics Reviewer: Collaborate on Image Files


See how Privia streamlines proposal graphic design, review and approval. Privia Graphics Reviewer is a collaborative whiteboard for graphic images. In this webinar, Jamie Hampson, Director Professional Services, will walk you through the benefits of virtual discussion and viewing image thumbnails in search results and library tree view. 

Privia Graphics Reviewer

Privia 101: The Basics



New to Privia? Get an overview of this industry-leading, collaborative proposal development solution, and how it can help your organization win more proposals.
(Play time: 44:40)

Privia 101: The Basics

Privia Resume Manager



This video focuses on how to use Privia Resume Manager to maintain current resume information, find the right candidates, enable cross-departmental visibility, make better resource allocation decisions, and win more business. Privia Resume Manager organizes your team's security clearances, past experience, certifications, skill levels and more.
(Play time: 39:07)

Privia Resume Manager

Privia for Team Collaboration



In this session, learn about how Privia's Document Version Control, Review & Commenting (Color Team Reviews) , and Pipeline Sharing enable dynamic collaboration. (Play time: 31:18)

Privia for Team Collaboration

Privia Rules Automation


In this video, we’ll explore Privia’s popular Rule Automation feature, and some of the ways proposal managers are using it to streamline proposal development. Rules may be created to move or copy files, run reports, send email notifications on a scheduled basis, and notify users of changes, creation, or commenting on files. 
(Play time: 34:30)


Privia Rules Automation

Privia Metadata



In this video, learn how to use Privia's powerful metadata tagging to tag files with multiple concepts, keywords, or other customized attributes that you create. This ability to attach “structured data” to a document that is then searchable and reportable allows you to quickly find and re-use past proposal verbiage, identify people with certain skill sets or experience, and develop metrics on any proposal-related data you choose. 
(Play time: 33:13)

Privia Metadata

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