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At Privia, we believe winning capture and proposal management takes collaboration, because the more effectively your team collaborates, the more efficiently you operate. And the more time you have to invest in the quality that evaluators crave for the award. 

Not surprisingly, when it comes time to consider a content collaboration platform, organizations large and small commonly face the same core frustrations, everything from "it's fine the way it is" and "we don't have the budget" to "can't we use what we have?"

If you're ready to:

  • Ditch manual, duplicate data entry
  • Streamline your proposal management process
  • Monitor tasks and deadlines real-time
  • Achieve faster, more productive reviews
  • Focus on quality instead of coordination

Our capture and proposal management experts are ready to help you build your business case. Contact us today and we'll be in touch in 24 hours or less to set up a date and time to get the ball rolling.

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"Deploying and managing an effective and efficient BD, Capture, and Proposal Management process cannot be done with SharePoint alone, although many companies have tried, and tried, and tried. The the only practical way to consistently WIN in the federal market place is to implement a solution like Privia."

- Tony O., Director

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