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Privia© proposal management software enables companies bidding on commercial, federal, state or local contracts and their teaming partners to securely collaborate, boost win rates and lower costs.

Compete in the Public Sector


Privia’s bid, capture and proposal management software tools are uniquely built to meet the needs of businesses serving the public sector.

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Scale to Meet Your Needs


Cloud-based Privia gives smaller organizations the competitive edge they need to win more contracts—at a fraction of the cost.

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Watch Your Win Rates Soar


Our commitment to your success, resources and vast knowledge of the bid to proposal process can help you achieve more.

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Privia Wins For Everyone

“Before, we were spending huge amounts of money on travel to get people together in a single room. With Privia, we’ve moved that kind of work online, saving money on virtually every proposal we create.”

— Sarah McLain, Proposal Coordinator, SRC

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Our Customers

  • Alion
  • Bechtel
  • CACI
  • Companion Data Services
  • Contrack Watts
  • CSRA
  • Fulcrum
  • InGenesis
  • Management Concepts
  • ManTech
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Why Privia?

By combining an integrated suite of configurable capture and proposal management software tools with best practice process workflow, simultaneous reviewing and commenting and in-depth business intelligence (no IT required!) Privia saves time, reduces cost and helps teams improve proposal quality.

Here's a quick overview of how Privia delivers.

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Bid, Capture and Sales

You need a low-overhead solution to quickly launch a pursuit and ensure a high quality proposal response - on a tight deadline.

Choose Privia for:

  • One-click opportunity import from CRM and FBO
  • Centralized planning with real-time status
  • Simultaneous reviewing and commenting
  • Data and knowledge retrieval
  • Proposal metrics and reporting

Proposal Managers

You need to transform chaotic and ad hoc bid activities into a streamlined, controlled and collaborative process workflow.

Choose Privia for:

  • One-click proposal workspace launch
  • Embed process and process Enforcement
  • Real-time document and team status
  • Data and knowledge retrieval
  • Document, image and comment version control
  • Content management

Decision Makers

You need to see the status of your team and proposal performance in a single, secure reports dashboard. 

Choose Privia for:

  • Real-time proposal status
  • Key Performance Indicators at-a-glance
  • Messaging, status and notifications
  • Visibility of all team activities – both internal and partners


More Features

Professional Services

At Privia, we are passionate about time - putting our customers in control of how they spend it and what they spend it on. Our technical experts can free up your proposal time by administering Privia for you, so you can concentrate on pursuing, winning, and implementing new business. Our team of experienced proposal managers, volume leads, technical writers and editors, and production leads can augment your team at any stage of the process to maximize your team’s potential.

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