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Explore what this year's Speakers had to say on everything proposals, from pipeline optimization and strategy to process workflow, easy to read content, and more productive reviews. All aimed at helping you and your team save time and win. 

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Jay McConville Web-1

The Virtual Proposal Team Comes of Age, Jay McConville

According to Gartner, by 2022, 50% of midsize and large organizations will use a content collaboration platform to implement document workflows and improve collaboration and productivity. Given the growth of the distributed workforce, and the rise of remote work, we feel this estimate is conservative. Learn why today's savvy organizations are making content collaboration an integral part of the proposal management infrastructure.

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Lisa Rehurek

The Secret to Becoming a Highly-Valued Proposal Team, Lisa Rehurek

Let’s face it, the proposal team can sometimes feel like the ugly step-child. Not everyone in the organization places an adequate level of value on the work that the team does. In this session, Lisa will share with you the key strategies you can implement that will increase your perceived value and give you an important seat at the table.

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Jay McConville Web-1

Introducing Privia Web, Jay McConville

By eliminating the software download for contributors, deployment and maintenance are now even easier. Learn about the new, time-saving features crowd-sourced with the user community - including Web Commenting, now available for mobile!

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David Seibert

Sales Strategy Meetings, Not Proposal Kick-off Meetings, David Seibert

The problem with most proposal kickoff meetings is they’re too focused on administrative tasks, but they neglect sales strategy. They’re too much about, “how are we going to complete and submit this proposal on time?” but not enough of “How are we going to win this?” Let’s discuss. 

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Amber v2
Lisa v2

Pipeline Development, Management, and Optimization, Amber Hart & Lisa Shea Mundt

The amount of GovCon data out there is overwhelming, so how do you prioritize contracts for your pipeline? The Pulse co-founders will walk through how their system Part9 aggregates and disseminates data into custom pipelines for your business. 

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Sam square

5 Steps to Writing Easy-to-Read Proposal Content, Samantha Enslen

"I love reading super-dense copy, written in 10-point type, with 0.5-inch margins, " said NO ONE EVER. And by no one, we mean your evaluators. In this quick-hit session, we'll discuss 5 quick ways to create proposal content that evaluators read faster, understand better, and remember longer. 

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Mike 5-1

Top 3 Free and Low-Cost Graphic Tools, Mike Parkinson

Making professional proposal graphics is difficult. It requires money, time and skill that isn’t always available. Mike’s session helps solve this problem. This session shares his top three tools for making bid-winning graphics quickly with little to no money. All participants also get Mike’s Graphics Cheat Sheet and his 19 Free & Low-Cost Graphic Solutions.

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Streamline Repetitive Proposal Document Creation, NiKole Maxwell

Who wants to create a proposal resume or past performance from scratch? It’s just easier, more efficient and more cost-effective to re-purpose existing content. See how life cycle automation makes re-purposing repetitive documents faster and easier to search, select, order, and format for every proposal.  

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Competitive Insight for Effective Proposal Development, Matt Pinkston

If you don’t know what your business competitors are doing, you’re only fighting half the battle. That's where competitor insight come in. Matt will discuss why competitive Insights are an important piece to proposal development.

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What Proposal Evaluators (Really) Want, Johnna Rogers

To reach required goals, RFP authors provide viability criteria and content guidelines to facilitate proposal evaluation and promote informed decision making. But that’s only part of the RFP evaluation process. Join Johnna Rogers, Chief Operating Officer at Wake County, NC, as we take time to breathe with an insiders look at what proposal evaluators are (really) looking for.

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Cheryl Smith Photo

Tips and Tricks for Improving the Review Process, Cheryl Smith

How you manage your proposal reviews will determine how you spend your proposal time budget. Here are three things you can do right now for faster, more productive reviews that will cut your review time spend in half - and deliver the feedback your team needs to strengthen your proposal. 

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Map and Automate an Efficient Proposal Process, Richard Whiteoak

As a proposal manager, you have a lot of time-consuming, team management tasks on your plate. When you add workflow to your proposal process, however, you save time by automating many of those tasks, such as reminders that drive deadlines and forwarding tasks for review or approval. Learn how to map your process to workflow and save time. 

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Become a Better, More Engaging Speaker, Tammy Palazzo

Whether you're presenting at orals or leading a proposal kick-off meeting, the ability to speak skillfully with impact has distinct advantages. Don't miss this insightful session with communications expert, and Presentr co-founder, Tammy Palazzo, as she shares the elements of effective communication and the keys for becoming a more confident, more compelling speaker.

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