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Proposals unite a broad community of people and activities. From business development, capture management, and proposal management to product engineering, project management, and contract management. Each may represent a critical field of expertise, but it takes collaboration to win consistently.

  • Executive? You fund the opportunity. Know your budget is being invested wisely with "Legally and Ethically Shape Upcoming Federal Procurements" and "On-the-Go Web Commenting.
  • Business Development? You own the opportunity. Know you're winning with "Translating Capture Strategy into Proposal Writing" and "Proposal Reporting."
  • Director? You own the tools. Know they are efficient with "Best Practices: Writing for Skimmability" and "Process Automation."
  • Proposal Manager? You have a proposal to write. Know your team has what they need with "Master Winning Proposal Templates" and "Monitor and Manage your Proposal Content."
  • Subject Matter Expert? You’re time is valuable. Learn how to balance your full time responsibilities with your proposal tasks with "Managing Proposal Stress" and "Storyboarding for Quality."
  • Reviewer? You're on the go. Better balance your time with "On-the-Go Web Commenting" and "Proposal Automation."

This year’s User Conference has something for everyone on the team. Explore the Full Agenda and register today!

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1 9-23-2019

2 9-23-2019

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