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The Heart of the Privia Suite

As a business your goals are clear: increase revenues year-over-year, improve your government contracting market share, and reduce costs. To achieve those goals, you need to increase your win rate, and be more productive with what you have.

Privia has helped countless enterprise customers do just this, leveraging our technology alongside your team’s talent. Working within your process with our understanding of best practices, we can help your team, division, department or entire company become more competitive than ever—in an environment in which margins continue to decrease.

Our proposal management features make even the most complex RFPs manageable with interfaces to share, control and report on all your documents, team activity, deadlines and schedules, and partnerships with other vendors.

Opportunity Import & Management

Privia’s toolbar feature minimizes manual entry of opportunity data. You can import selected opportunity data from a multitude of external sources directly into Privia with a single click, including:

  • GovWin
  • FedBizOpps
  • Epipeline

Workflow & Task Management

Privia gives you the ability to manage the entire proposal lifecycle— from when an opportunity is launched, until the proposal is delivered. Workflow configuration enables you to create a proposal folder hierarchy, automatically assign tasks and deliverables, and trigger notifications to mitigate schedule slippage.

Process Designer.png

Document Collaboration

At the core of Privia is a secure, virtual workspace that enables distributed teams to develop, edit, update, manage and track proposal content. Capabilities include:

  • Checkout/Check-in
  • Version History
  • Real-time Communications
  • Graphics Commenting
  • File and Folder Permissions
  • Metadata Tagging
  • Mass Document Import/Export



Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards provide executives and project managers with a bird’s eye view of proposal activity, task order status and revenue risk. Reports can be generated to analyze historical metrics on opportunities, activities, or metadata tag concepts.




Privia’s administrator tools provide refined controls for managing authorized access and use by internal and external team members, including:

  • License Management
  • Document/Content Access & Permissions Setting
  • Administrative Authority Delegation
  • Storage Management


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